Our Calendar

Since 1983 Jay McClellan has conducted countless seminars for thousands of people through out the United States on Estate Planning and Retirement Planning strategies. He has been the invited speaker for major corporations and employers such as GM, Delta, Chrysler as well as the independent businesses of Mary Kay and Longaberger. More recently Mr. McClellan has been a speaker at the Pyrotechnics Guild International conventions, held annually.  He has made over 100 television and radio appearances including "Business Breaks" and "Money Talk" on the local NBC affiliate during the "Today Show". We will continue to make ourselves available for speaking engagements which can be tailored to suit the investment, tax, retirement or estate planning interests of your group. Please call or email us for your specific wants and needs.

Due to compliance requirements our calendar is no longer posted on this site.  Please contact our office at 937-898-8433 for your desired seminar date(s).